Speed Cushion & Pedestrian Crossing

Speed Cushion & Pedestrian Crossing
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Our rubber Speed Cushions and Pedestrian Crossing are a tried and proven traffic calming solution. The idea of the speed cushion is to reduce noise and accidents by reducing the vehicles overall speed. The speed cushions are manufactured from recycled rubber and are cheaper than conventional methods.   Due to the modular design, the cushion gives a lot of flexibility as they can be designed to suit your target speed limit/ site requirements, these are especially suited for urban roads, school zones, bus lanes & emergency vehicles.  The Pedestrian Crossing works in the same way.

You can choose the desired length to suit your requirements.

Design Speed:
1.6mtrs = reduces speed to 50kph
1.8mtrs = reduces speed to 40kph
1.9mtrs = reduces speed to 35kph


  • Heavy Duty Rubber construction 
  • Quick & Easy to install 
  • Can be removed an re-used in other area if needed
  • Cuts your Traffic Managment costs dramatically as you are not having to wait like you do for the standard concrete ones to dry and cure.
  • Modular design so you can build to the size that suits you.

Pedestrian Crossings
Each piece is 500mm x 500mm and 75mm high

DimensionsSpeed Cushion:- Four Sections make up a 1600mm (1.6mtr) x 2000mm (2.0m) Speed Cushion. Each Section is 1000mm long x 800mm wide , Height = 75mmPedestrian Crossings:- Each piece is 500mm x 500mm and 75mm high