Portable Traffic Lights - MPB3200

Portable Traffic Lights - MPB3200
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Our MPB3200 Portable Traffic Lights are the low cost traffic signal system for one-way alternating traffic and can be used as a radio, cable or quartz system.  They are easy to control and they are equipped with directional radar detectors for traffic dependent operation.

The controls for the MPB3200 are well organised, extremely simple to use and can be read when the system is switched off.   The function switch selects whether the signal system is being run by radio, cable or quartz operation.

Range of applications

  • Single Lane alternating traffic

Programmable Operating Modes 

  • Automatic fixed time mode
  • Automatic green time extension
  • Automatic green on demand (manual activation mode / basic setting all -red) 
  • Manual operation from every signal head (possible in cable & radio mode)
  • All Red in cable and radio mode
  • Manual operations (fixed green) in quartz mode)
  • Flashing
  • Lamps off
DimensionsPole height from the undercarriage (Radar Sensor not included ) 1830mmUndercarriage: Length - 655mm, Width - 565mm, Height - 320mmHeight from ground (wheels included) 450mm Height of foot - 135mm, Width of foot - 40mm
OtherBattery Life: Two weeks approx - based on a Single battery charge , 8 hrs per day
HousingStainless Steel - Powdercoated Yellow
Power Supply / VoltageLED Consumption Daylight : 0.68 amp per Signal head (approx and Night 0.58 amp per Signal head
Operating Environment12V DC / 230 volt AC, Daylight 1.4 amp per Signal head (approx) and at Night - 1.1 amp per Signal head
ConnectivityDigital Radio tansmission or Quartz (timing controlled), Radio Range: 2000 metres maximum (subject to environmental conditions)