Stayput Pedestrian School Patrol

Stayput Pedestrian School Patrol
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The Stayput School Patrol system was designed to assist the School, the duty supervisor, and the children who volunteer for the school patrols, by providing them with a system that stays out on site so all the duty person needs to control is the children going out to site and take the key to unlock the system therefore allowing their full attention to be on the patrol and the children they are supervising.  

The current school patrol situation at present requires the children to carry out the RG28 School Patrol Disc and arm to the site which is large and often hard to manage especially in high winds areas, or steep terrain as the length of the pole is normally around 2.5mtrs long and the disc is 750mm, this can be a hard task for children to manage and they can drop and damage the pole, plus potentially hurt themselves.

Because the school

  • Only system where you do not have to carry the equipment out each day and set it up for the Patrol.
  • Able to personalize the Top Cover to suit each school by adding the schools Logo and important saftey messages
  • Top Cover hides the school patrol disc away so as not the distract drivers
  • Middle locking bracket to secure the school arm in place when not used
  • Bottom mounting bracket designed to lock into place during use to ensure no ability to catch fingers.
  • The whole system has been designed with the children in mind - easy to handle and safe to use,